Exhibition introduction

China International Vehicle Lighting Technology Exhibition (CIAIE) is an efficient and cost-effective trading platform, which is establish ties for customers and strengthen the brand image of exhibitors.

During the 3 days, exhibitors can contact a large number of target customers face to face, show their technology and innovative products to the industry, and quickly establish a stable customer network.

As the eyes of the vehicle, the lights are one of the key components of the vehicle. The safety and appearance of the lights play an important role in the practicality of the vehicle. China is the world's largest producer and seller of automobiles, and the demand for automobile lighting products is growing rapidly.

The CIAIE focuses on the latest technology applications in the industry and completely covers the whole industry chain of the lighting industry. So as to maximize the one-stop efficient procurement needs of professional buyers. CIAIE has set up an efficient and convenient procurement trade and technology exchange stage for OEMs, refitters and manufacturers.

Exhibition Scale

Exhibiting Space
Countries & Regions

Professional Grand Expo of Vehicle Lighting Industry
Buyers with the demand of vehicle lighting technology products come from the following industries:

Tier 1
New energy electric vehicles
Electric vehicles
Shop trucks
Heavy-duty machinery
Agricultural locomotives
Vehicle maintenance
China Association is the most authoritative guiding department and the most cohesive institution in the lighting industry. The China Lighting Industry Association provides a favorable guarantee for the professionalism of the exhibition.

At the exhibition, the latest products and services including:

Vehicle lighting system
Light sources
Detection mechanism
Development tools and molds

Our exhibition draws on the successful experience of the same trade fairs in Germany, Japan and South Korea. These experiences effectively help us meet the growing individual needs of our customers. CIAIE have built a win-win business platform for cutomers.


Automotive Lightings:
Headlights, front fog lights, turn signals, combined rear tail lights, rear fog lights, reversing lights, license plate lights, brake lights, side turn lights, ceiling lights, instrument lights, atmosphere lights, door lights, reading lights, signal lights, Retrofit lamp, LED product application, light source, circuit board, bulb manufacturer, license plate lamp and retro reflector, optical design, ASAP, etc.
Raw Materials:

Lens materials, reflector BMC materials and PC light curing coatings (BAYER, GE, PHILIPS), decorative frame materials, lamp body materials, sealing materials, adhesive materials, automotive lamp paints, stamping parts materials, stainless steel metal materials UV, Aluminum plating, spray-free aluminum plating, ultrasonic equipment, plasma equipment, die-casting equipment, injection molding equipment, coating equipment, assembly lines, mold equipment, BMC injection, automotive light production lines
Processing Equipments:
AFS (headlamp lighting follow-up system, etc.)
New Technology Products:
Material performance test, water spray test, light shape test, high temperature and low temperature test, grid test, switch life test, automatic photometer for detection line, airtight test, etc.
Laboratory Equipments:
Modeling software CATIA, etc.

How To Reach

Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center

ADD:No.7575 Boyuan Road, Anting town, Shanghai, China